At home in Halifax

We arrived according to Marine Traffic


Safely moored on our new dock

380 days, 15.000 nautical miles, 17 countries, many adventures and an amazing time together as a family. This journey has come to an end and we are very excited to have arrived at our new home in Halifax. The boat is docked and the champagne has popped. ❤️ 



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  1. Hazen Grant 16/08/2018

    Welcome to Halifax!!!

    My father was the sailing coach for Rhiannon’s brother during Canada Games team!! His name is Macgregor Grant.

    I have been reading your stories and aspire to do something similar at some point in my life!

    I just bought my first boat and am a member at the RNSYS. I would love the opportunity to hear some of those stories in person one day!!!

  2. Joke en Henk 17/08/2018

    Welkom in Halifax. Wij liggen met onze Bluenose niet ver bij jullie vandaan in Dartmouth

    • sydutch 21/08/2018 — Post author

      Wat leuk! Hoe lang blijven jullie? Komen jullie nog bij ons op bezoek?

  3. Jerry Gallant 18/08/2018

    After hearing your interview on CBC I took the time to follow your posts of the trip. Thoroughly enjoyed every second of following your journey. I salute your spirit of adventure. Welcome to your new home of Halifax, I know you will love the geography and people of this province.

  4. maria 26/03/2019

    We are a Dutch couple, who will visit Halifax in may.
    Like to explore Halifax on tuesday 15 may.
    If possible with a Dutch family.
    Hope you can/will help us.
    Kind regards, familie Groot.

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