Day 3 – Gambia to Cape Verde

Another 90 nautical miles before arrival, a very fast voyage. The winds have gone down a bit and we are sailing above the islands giving us a broader angle from the wind and thus a more comfortable tilt. We have fresh bread in the oven and the fishing lines out behind the boat. The lures are a combination of a squid that washed on board and a squid that Macsen and Emma made from an old toothpaste tube. We are quite confident that this combination will succeed. I am hoping for a tuna.

Date: November 30, 2017
Time 10:30 UTC
Position 16’35.358N / 23’23.994W
COG/SOG: 289 degrees /5.5kn
Trip distance: 457nm
Distance to go: 98nm
24h distance 126nm
Cabin temp: 29.0C
Sea temp: 22C
Conditions: sunny, wind NE 11-13kn, sea slight-moderate
Sails: full main and genoa

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  1. Beth Paynter 30/11/2017

    I’m so enjoying your posts! Safe journey and hugs all around. Beth

  2. Helen Thomas 01/12/2017

    So glad you are straight enough to bake. And I hope you caught your tuna too xxx

  3. Helen Thomas 01/12/2017

    Darn, I think I have posted a couple of comments that didn’t get through…never mind, you know I am thinking of you xxx

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