Day 4 – Mindelo to Paramaribo

We opted just to rely on our satellite telephone for communication this time and not install an SSB radio. As such, we exchange emails and SMSs with other boats on the way but can only listen and not speak during the daily SSB nets to gain more frequent updates. From the 1230UTC net we heard that the ‘Tijd’ is only 40 nautical miles ahead of us. Emma tried to call them on the VHF but we are still too far away. We hope to get close enough to them later today to talk over the VHF (range approximately 30 nautical miles in these conditions).

All is still well on board, we are settling into the daily rhythm and see that we are very slightly beating our progress to date vs. our journey with the Pjotter. With the Pjotter we left Mindelo on December 7th and arrived in Paramaribo on December 21st. Seb and I are on watch 3 hours on and 3 hours off through the night and during the day we share responsibility based upon who is free and awake. Macsen has taken a 1 hour watch during the day and the monkies are desperate to take a night watch together. If they do this it will not be for a full hours, they cannot go outside and they must wake us (I don’t think we will really be fully asleep) if there is anything in the area. They see it as a great opportunity to stay up late and eat candy, we see it as a great step in the development of their sense of responsibility (or something like that…).

Day 4: Atlantic Crossing
Date: December 11, 2017
Time 12:00 UTC
Position 12’30.798N / 32’59.656W
COG/SOG: 261 degrees / 6.5kn
Trip distance: 562nm
Distance to go: 1370nm
24h distance: 158nm
Cabin temp: 29.2C
Sea temp: 22.9C
Conditions: some clouds, NE 19-22kn, sea moderate/rough
Sails: full main and reefed genoa wing-wing

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