Day 6 – Mindelo to Paramaribo

Seb did some highly effective sail trimming last night and the boat is zinging along happily in winds from 17-25 knots and we are still making good progress. We had a family excursion on the deck for a daily rigging check, to collect and count the flying fish and squid that have flown on board in the night and to enjoy a slightly different view. We found a cosy perch in the boom with a great view of the waves and a funky view of the way the boat moves through them. I found this spot somewhat nerve wracking but the monkies thought it was fantastic.

Although our days are remarkably busy we do spend quality time just staring out at the sea. The waves are incredibly beautiful, the water has a thousand shades and shapes and the reflections of the sun make wonderfully sparkles. At night the sky is vast and full of more stars that I can ever remember seeing. Even though this boat is twice the size of the boat that took us on our previous crossing we still feel incredibly small with this great ocean around us. Very small, but somehow also strangely powerful, not to overcome or tame the power of the sea but to experience it and work with it. All well on board and looking forward to our halfway party tomorrow!

Day 6: Atlantic Crossing
Date: December 13, 2017
Time 12:00 UTC
Position 11’41.527N / 38’05.875W
COG/SOG: 259 degrees / 6.5-7kn
Trip distance: 873nm
Distance to go: 1069nm
24h distance: 153nm
Cabin temp: 29.2C
Sea temp: 23.2C
Conditions: cloudy, wind NE 21-23kn, sea moderate/rough
Sails: full main and reefed genoa wing-wing

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  1. Helen Thomas 15/12/2017

    I would simply love to see that night sky. It must be so very beautiful.

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