Vilamouro to Agadir: Another Rotten Trip

After a short stop in Vilamouro to provision (and let me tell you wouldn’t want to stay there any longer) we set off for a 420 mile trip across the mouth of the Straights of Gibraltar to Agadir, Morocco. Once again twisty waves, no rhythm and seasickness set in. Fortunately, each time we started to feel too desolate dolphins appeared to cheer us up.

As we approached Morocco more and more garbage appeared in the water.

We managed to catch a fishing buoy but release is before breaking the line and tangling in the propeller. And just before we entered the marina our propeller fouled on a piece of blue tarpaulin. We were able to motor the last mile in but poor Seb had to take a swim in the filthy water of the marina to clear it.

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