A Rest in A Coruña

As we settled into the Spanish time we also took a bit of a breather. Our entire journey so far had been a rush to get safely across Biscay and then take the time to get on with our new life on board. So this was a time to settle, make longer term plans, evaluate progress so far together and get started with school.  

The monkies have made friends with other boat kids and we have settled into the easy going friendliness of marina life. Impromptu barbeques with other boats, running about on the docks, jumping in the ice cold water, visits to the beach.  Seb also reacquainted himself with his beloved Ferreterías. Ferreterías are typical Spanish (in Galicia at least) hardware stores which are tiny but somehow seem to have absolutely one example of everything that you need, or somehow think that you need, or may perhaps need someday, or just really want to have…heaven. And Emma reacquainted herself with her beloved Heladerías (ice cream shops).

Dear friends Pascal, Emma and their two children Ella and Louan stopped in for a day.  Emma is from León, Spain and they treated us to a real Galician lunch.  Commencing at 1500 and spanning 3 hours of wonderful Galician delicacies; Empanada, almejas, pulpo, vieiras, accompanied by a cold Albariño for adults and zumo da pina for the kids.  It is easy to understand why the local restaurants do not serve food again until after 2100.

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  1. Emma 03/10/2017

    Silly that I had not read this yet!! We really enjoyed spending the day with you. The girls had a blast! Love the pictures 🙂

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