Overall, a very enjoyable calm easy crossing of 4 days with dolphin, whale and shark sightings, wonderful sunsets and sunrises, good chats, yummy meals, enough sleep and general harmony and sense of well-being on board.  Whew!  Our arrival in A Coruña, Spain did not go unannounced as a dolphin escort came out to guide our way for the final miles.  These dolphins were small, fast and jumpy dolphins as can be expected of the inhabitants of a busy port.  

The arrival in port after a journey of more than 3 days is always a little mixed.  We were super keen to reach land, have a wash, go out for dinner and enjoy a new place.  But the cosy bubble of life on board does break.  Hail the port, hail the marina, berth the boat, make it fast, find the boat registration, insurance, passports, get power supply, get water, get to the marina office, answer questions, pay, get a map, talk to people etc. etc. etc.  Reality hits you like a physical wall.

And then we went for a calming walk through the streets of old A Coruña.  Our Dutch tummies rumbled for a while before the first restaurant opened at 9pm.  We settled into a good meal, a drink and stumbled home to bed for our first full night’s sleep since England.



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