Day 5 – La Gomera to the Gambia

The winds became light early in the day yesterday but picked up again late in the afternoon. We sailed most of the day yesterday and the night through with the sails wing-and-wing (the genoa on the windward side and the main to leeward). We set a large pole then to hold the genoa out and keep it from flapping. In Dutch this sail formation is known as the ‘melkmeisje’ or ‘milkmaid’ as it resembles the double peaked white cap worn by women in times gone by. This kept us going at a steady 6.5 knots in 15 knots of wind full from behind. And the flying fish keep visiting us in huge schools but despite great efforts Seb has yet to get a satisfactory picture of one mid-flight.

Date: November 16, 2017
Time 13:00 UTC
Position 17’00.692N / 18’43.013W
COG/SOG: 194 degrees /5.4kn
Trip distance: 695nm
Distance to go: 274nm
24h distance 132nm
Cabin temp: 30.1 C
Sea temp: 23.6 C
Conditions: sunny with some clouds, wind NE 15kn, sea slight-moderate Sails: full main and genoa wing/wing

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